hakuna matata

May 22

met game recap:

  • got to the game 2 hours early because we can
  • got dunkin donuts gift cards
  • met the manager, Terry Collins, and the owner, Fred Wilpon
  • also met the hottest backup pitcher and catcher to ever walk the earth
  • sat 3 rows away from the 1st base line for 5 innings
  • had Jenna’s tweet posted on the jumbotron
  • got free hats and pins
  • sat in the first row on the first base line for 1 inning
  • got a free tshirt from a boy 
  • had a random person give us their ON THE FIELD SEAT tickets
  • sat ON THE FIELD for 3 innings
  • flirted with the ball boy enough until he gave us foul balls

i mean good day??

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